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  1. Your Environment Is Cleaner. Your Immune System Has Never Been So Unprepared. - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM A century ago, British scientists suggested a link between increased hygiene and allergic...
  2. Latest Science Debunks Claim That Marijuana Significantly Harms Brain TRUTHOUT.ORG Sound science should guide marijuana policy, not conservative bias based on outdated myths.
  3. FDA medical adviser: 'Congress is owned by pharma' FINANCE.YAHOO.COM Despite many politicians, particularly declared presidential candidates, beginning to speak out against big pharma, an FDA medical adviser does...
  4. Great article bu David Malmo-Levine David Malmo-Levine: Cannabis legalization in Canada is truly Reefer WWW.STRAIGHT.COM Ads that inflate the dangers and deny the benefits of cannabis have sprung up online, on billboards, and on bus shelters all over Canada.
  5. Cannabinoid Receptors 101: Why Do We Have Them? WWW.GREENRELIEF.CA Wondering what cannabinoid receptors are? Do they mean that humans were destined to consume cannabis? We’ll explain what these receptors do and...
  6. Colorado Researchers Seeking Volunteers to Get High and Drive HIGHTIMES.COM Drunk driving has been the subject of a lot of research. Stoned driving has not.
  7. Hemp processing plant brings jobs to Bruderheim GLOBALNEWS.CA The town of Bruderheim is getting a big economic boost from a new 40,000-square-foot production facility being built to process hemp.
  8. "Australian music journalist Andrew Wowk shares the story behind the New South Wales government’s recent festival crackdown, and explains why music venues are currently in the firing line like never before..." Australia's war on festivals, explained DJMAG.COM We task Aussie journalist Andrew Wowk with explaining and examining NSW's war on...
  9. 19 people charged after raids at MMJ Canada cannabis shops | CBC News WWW.CBC.CA Those taken into custody face Criminal Code and Cannabis Act charges...
  10. City of Powell River planning staff has recommended modification of the separation distances stipulated for cannabis stores to make more commercial space available for the stores in the Westview area. Currently, in the Marine Avenue corridor, there is a 150-metre separation stipulated between cannabis stores in the city’s zoning bylaw. In the rest of the community, there are 300 metres of separation stipulated between stores, as well as between parks, playgrounds and recreation centres. More: City of Powell River staff calls for change to cannabis store zoning b WWW.PRPEAK.COM City of Powell River planning staff has recommended modification of the...
  11. Modern Terror returns to The hanger to once again blow the doors off. This time we are bringing the defenders of the sector and one of Van City's premiere punk rock outfits, The Corps. This will be night 1 of the tour so bring your A game and be ready to party. Members $10 Guests $15 9pm modernterrorband.com modernterror.bandcamp.com Modern Terror - 80's skater kids who never grew up.Modern Terror is a straight ahead classic punk rock power trio.Influenced by early punk, thrash, and hardcore Modern Terror plays with reckless abandon night after night.it's no wonder why they are touring and sharing stages with so many influential punk bands (Pennywise, NOFX, Descendents, Strung Out, The Flatliners, SNFU) Their brand of west coast hardcore will warm event the crustiest of punker hearts. thecorps2814.com punkdisorderlyrecords.bandcamp.com A punk rock band that sings about comic books. Enjoy! Years ago it was written, in an ancient scroll, that a threat would dawn upon sector 2814, a threat so large, it would require four carefully selected humans to bear the unheard of Grey rings just for a chance at this sectors survival. This threat has arrived, and these four humans have been selected. So it begins.
  12. JarOut


    Brejera is a Vancouver based band which uses authentic samba instruments to play a variety of styles such as choro, pagode, bossa nova, forro and frevo. https://www.facebook.com/pg/brejeraband/
  13. SKA REGGAE PUNK ROCK DANCE PARTY w/ Vancouver-based bands Brehdren & Kownterpoint Message from Brehdren & Kownterpoint: "We are super excited to party at the Legion with you all. Hope you can come out and dance the night away with us." Brehdren (Vancouver) // brehdren.bandcamp.com With varied musical backgrounds and a combined love of ska & reggae, the nine members of Brehdren bring in elements of jazz, indie pop and progressive rock to create their unique flavour. Based around a crazy, energetic front man, the rhythm and horn section cover a range of ground from extended jams to two-minute freak outs. Not to be missed. Kownterpoint (Vancouver) // kownterpoint.bandcamp.com Being driven by diversity, Kownterpoint aims to please a wide ranged crowd. With their roots mainly being set in the 90's Punk, Reggae, Ska style, they also become quite unpredictable live. With such a wide range of influences, they are known for venturing into Blues, Jazz and Rockabilly styles among many others. Feeding off the energy of their live show and strictly playing original material, they love to leave room for improv, which showcases these guys love for the "Jam Band" scene as well. Featuring Mike(vocals/guitar) and Kyle(bass/vocals) Langlois up front, you can sense the natural tightness that they have crafted together over time since childhood. Backed by the impeccable Cabbage on the drums, the transitions are flawless as they race through multi genres, sending your head spinning, all while taking place in the same song. Be sure to catch the next show...as its never the same as the last! Currently working on a new album, keep an ear out for these guys, as there's consistently something fresh they have to offer.
  14. JarOut

    Bless Up

    The Bless Up Series starts this March at a Little Legion near you. First installment featuring: BRIDGE DANGER HOUSE JOMEGA We will bring you BASS! 😃 ....... BRIDGE: Bridge has been producing for 15 years, and doing DJ/Live remixing for 8. He has produced for #Abstract Rude and #Yarah Bravo and currently has music featured on APTN and CBC. Bridge joins us for an epic two hour set that will go from AfroTrap Dancehall and Hip-Hop to Futurebass and Jungle, as well as some Garage, Bassline and Grime. This live remixing set will turn the dance floor into a sweaty #bless! JOMEGA: Rapper Jomega was raised on Old School Hip-Hop, and lives for freestyling over bass-filled beats. An original member of Vancouver's all female DJ/MC collective, The Reverse Crew, Jomega was found teaching kids by day and hosting breakbeat nights in the city by night. She began rapping over beats at raves in the late 90's, and since making The Sunshine Coast home, loves to rhyme over electronic music any chance she gets. Her "Hip-Hop As Literacy" Project is currently taking off in the local School District, and she is hitting the stage in various local venues to share her love of language and unique vision for the future of Hip-Hop music. Come early to catch her opening set! Part stand-up comedy, part Hip-Hop clown, all authentic inspiration! DANGER HOUSE: This chameleon DJ has no name, a box cannot yet form around the many different hats he's worn over the years. With a heavy influence of the West Coast bass scene, this nameless performer has a love for gritty beats mixed with uplifting halftime and heavy house tracks. Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, Hip-Hop and dub music was the encouragement behind a nameless selector much like the teachings of the Wu-Tang Clan and MF Doom. The psychological effect of using a new alias each performance gives this entertainer the platform to create a name that best suits the emotion of the show. "DJ Danger House" is committed to dropping the floor and keeping the sweat rolling... Bless!! — Members and Guests Welcome! — — Please come early to avoid the line up! —
  15. https://www.facebook.com/events/323015385016420/ BIG FANCY (based out of Fort Fraser BC) Invoking the masters of old time, country, blues, and ragtime, Big Fancy roams the land, a true troubadour moonshiner with a sharp wit and love-lorn voice. "Unfortunately, we haven't figured out how to resurrect the dead. We can't bring back Jimmie Rodgers, Dock Boggs or Ernest Tubb. But somehow, Big Fancy is the next best thing." ~Jeremy Pahl, president of Lakes District Folk Music Society Big Fancy will be accompanied by Devora Laye on washboard/percussion Solo album: https://bigfancy.bandcamp.com/album/songs-to-be-broken-up-with-by Full Band Album 'Legendary Loser': https://bigfancy.bandcamp.com/album/legendary-loser ***Clay Hepburn will play an opening set so make sure ya don't miss out! Doors at 8pm $8 members// $15 non-members @ Roberts Creek Legion
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