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Adobe shambles – Why subscription software should be illegal

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Creative Cloud is anti-competitive, locking users into a perpetual payment plan with no guarantee of future costs. What started at Adobe has spread like a cancer in the software and creative app industry with subscriber-only plans rather than a one off purchase price. Our subscriptions as businesses, enthusiasts and consumers are stacking up and becoming a real monthly headache, and it is time governments looked into regulating the subscription software industry – starting with the king bastard of them all, Adobe.

I remember quite clearly when Adobe went on the defensive about their unreliable bug-ridden software and price hikes. Cinema5D’s thinly disguised advert (they claimed it was a ‘documentary‘) purported to take a deep inside look at the inner-workings of Adobe’s scumbag inner sanctum. The main take away I got from this bottom scrounging act of desperation, was that it appeared Adobe had a small cupboard with a technician in it, and an absolute vast and incredibly expensive marketing floor. The Premiere Pro product manager appeared to be some kind of jaded ex-human, morphed into a lizard, commanded a dark broom cupboard of coders but a gargantuan open plan office of many, many marketing staff.

You don’t need to know anything more than this to realise where things have gone wrong at the company formally known as Photoshop.

Adobe have been doing a disservice to photographers and filmmakers for years and we just keep getting led around like poodles. The competition to Adobe just hasn’t materialised. They are a digital monopoly like eBay, like PayPal and all the other complacent marketing lead anti-innovation blood-suckers of our digital age.



Comment on the forum Creative Cloud is anti-competitive, locking users into a perpetual payment plan with no guarantee of future costs. What started...


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