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JarOut (pronounced "jar-out") is a localized slang term, coming from original slang root term "jarring out," which is defined by the Urban Dictionary as :


Slang commonly heard in the small town of Timmins, Ontario, Canada
Slang for laughing hard
"Yo, Calvin told me this really funny joke yesterday and I was jarring out bro!"


The expression of jarring out is about getting together with friends, having a good time and laughing quite a bit.  It can be used in different situations to mean not only to laugh "really hard," but also to get together and "chill out" and have a good time
More examples of ways to use the word jar out:
  • When something is funny, you can say "That's a jar!"
  • When someone is funny, you can say "You're jarring me out!"
  • When you want to get together with people, you can say "Let's jar the f*ck out!"
About the Website
JarOut.com is community software to connect with friends, family and groups,  which allows members to share and collaborate with creative media.  If you want to show off your photography or artwork, we have the perfect gallery for you. If you are a musician, you can upload and share your music creation with our community.  Are you more into writing? JarOut has a powerful built in blogger software designed to make it easier for you to share you thoughts and ideas with our community. whatever your creative passion, I want to give you the tools to put yourself out there and join like minded people to collaborate with projects.  JarOut also provides the tools to allow you to sell your digital and physical goods


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