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Modern Terror/The Corps Tour Kick Off at RC Legion #219


Event details

Modern Terror returns to The hanger to once again blow the doors off. This time we are bringing the defenders of the sector and one of Van City's premiere punk rock outfits, The Corps. This will be night 1 of the tour so bring your A game and be ready to party.
Members $10 Guests $15 9pm

Modern Terror - 80's skater kids who never grew up.Modern Terror is a straight ahead classic punk rock power trio.Influenced by early punk, thrash, and hardcore
Modern Terror plays with reckless abandon night after night.it's no wonder why they are touring and sharing stages with so many influential punk bands (Pennywise, NOFX, Descendents, Strung Out, The Flatliners, SNFU)
Their brand of west coast hardcore will warm event the crustiest of punker hearts.


A punk rock band that sings about comic books. Enjoy!
Years ago it was written, in an ancient scroll, that a threat would dawn upon sector 2814, a threat so large, it would require four carefully selected humans to bear the unheard of Grey rings just for a chance at this sectors survival. This threat has arrived, and these four humans have been selected. So it begins.



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