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2019 Timmins Official Annual 420 Event


Event details

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1943149732438622/


"The Timmins Hemp Community Is back in 2019 Taking A Stand For YOUR Rights!

Join Us for the 2nd Annual Timmins 420!
Door Prizes

People say "it's legal, do we need a 420?"
The answer is YES!
The stigma continues, & The new mayor wants to bylaw away your rights!
"Timmins Mayor George Pirie told council in January that he feels cannabis smoking should be restricted to private homes. "I would like to see more restrictive bylaws," he said." ~ CBC report
Alcohol is legal, & consumed in bars & outdoor venues.
Alcohol induced fights, vomit, & vandalism ensue...

Cannabis is LEGAL & CAN'T Be Consumed anywhere?!
Cannabis consumption NEVER causes public nuisance, vandalism, or community concerns, UNLIKE ALCOHOL, & is LEGAL in Canada to purchase. Timmins consumers are entitled to equal rights for consumption under the Law.

Timmins "Opted In" to Cannabis sales within the city. So this Mayors stand is that Tourists & locals can purchase the product here, but not be able to consume it anywhere?
If you are a tourist, you're in a "smoke free" hotel, if you live in an apartment, or rent a house, the majority are also "smoke free"...
Pirie wants the money from sales, taxes, & the province, but not the people who will provide it by purchasing the LEGAL product, by outlawing any place they could then consume it!

Under PROVINCIAL Regulations, you CAN Consume Cannabis anywhere "smoking" is permitted. We Must Stop the City From undermining your rights with Local Bylaws!

Yes, cannabis has a smell, so does alcohol, perfume, incense, room sprays, ethnic food & body odour!
This is why our Annual 420 Event is even MORE Important than ever this year!

Last year we saw over 120 people at our inaugural event. We look forward to seeing you all again & MORE this year! ♥
Brought to you by Timmins Hemp Community & NOCER"

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