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Dispensarys raids #562 and #563



Enforcement action taken on 99 North and Grassroots Medicinal Tuesday afternoon

The province is currently taking "enforcement action"  at two dispensaries in Squamish — 99 North and Grassroots Medicinal. The RCMP are currently on the scene at these locations.

Members of the Community Safety Unit (CSU) are removing boxes of product from both locations.

CSU, which is under the Policing and Security Branch of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, is responsible for compliance and enforcement under the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act (CCLA), with a focus on the illegal sale of cannabis.

The municipality was not alerted to this action prior to it being taken, District staff told The Chief.

Bryan Raiser, the owner of 99 North, applied more than a year ago to the province to have a licensed shop.

He has yet to hear back, he said, despite repeated requests for information about his application process.

Only one shop in Squamish has been approved by the province, Sky High Cannabis.

"Council has been supportive of Mr. Raiser’s [of 99 North] application from the beginning, as evidenced through the Development Variance Permit he received," said Mayor Karen Elliott in an emailed statement.

 "Without knowing more details at this point, we are frustrated that the province was unable to provide any feedback or information to these applicants about the status of their applications or why approval has been delayed, before this enforcement action was undertaken."

The Chief is on the scene at both locations.



The province is currently taking "enforcement action" at two dispensaries in Squamish — 99 North and Grassroots Medicinal. The RCMP are currently...


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