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This list is now at 536 RAIDS From Nov/15- Aug 2nd 2019

This Link Here is the First 141 Dispensary Raids

I compiled a original list of 141 raids February 2016 found here since Tredeau took power

and http://dankr.ca was kind enough to find all the links to those raids and found some more when their story was written and posted here in the link below compiling the total of 141 raids with links

Since this story was posted here i have been added each additional raid here individually and numbering each one This list is only raids with police intervention, not listed is any dispensary's that closed for any other reason for example landlord issues, police pressure, court injunctions, fines


Complete List of Dispensary Raids Since Trudeau Took Power
(this is the first 141 raids link below)


Dankr, along with help from Freddie Pritchard, have assembled as complete a list as possible of ...



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